Guide to HMO Properties

I receive numerous calls each week from investors or landlords looking to get into the HMO market .

There are a lot of properties on the market at the moment in the area.

This is because the HMO market is changing (it has been for a while, but people didn’t realise and are only waking up to notice it now)

The need for affordable living is greater now than ever before.

How shares give people the ability to live and still have income to enjoy themselves or save up for their future.

Without houseshare’s many workers would just live hand to mouth.

Many cities now have purpose built student accommodation, making more HMO property available to the market.

Old redundant student HMO accommodation just needs a facelift and bringing into 2020

I was bored whilst having reduced hours during lock down. So created a little guide.

Please have a read.

If you need help finding the perfect properties , please do not hesitate to contact me

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