Interior Design HMO

This might ruffle some feathers !

The past 3 years HMO properties have become a bit of — who can design and show off the best HMO property on instagram trend.

HMO owners are going for interior designers, latest trends .

Specialist HMO design teams are popping up in their masses.

Which is not a bad thing .

There are some fantastic designed properties that look fantastic and also operate well because they have been well thought of.

In the way they have been thought about from the customers point and not to produce a product for the – look at my HMO property pictures project book.

Just remember above all else

  1. Remember some of these fancy designers have a businesses that rely on you giving them more business . They are not going to help produce the HMO product that is going to be decorated to hard wearing – long lasting product. Which is what you need if you want the HMO to produce you income.
  2. Do you want to be refurbishing – re decorating your HMO every 12 months
  3. A HMO property should be durable and able to cope with the turn around of tenants . Tenants in HMOs can stay from 3 months to 3 years as standard. ( I have had longer term tenancies but this is the average.
  4. I have HMOs that have welcomed hundreds of tenants and they have been super strong, hard wearing HMOs. Then i have taken on HMOs that have fell to bits in the first 4 months because they havent been well thought out by the design team.
  5. As much as the HMO that looks like its been designed by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen looks beautiful and initially may bring in good rents to your bank account . It wont last! its not kitted out for turn around’s and high use. So what ends up is a tired , out dated fashion room. ( bit like a fashion dress – say in latest print – 6 months later the new trends come out, what do you think of that beautiful dress now? its had its day yeah – sick of seeing it )
  6. It only takes some common sense when creating a property- rooms. Will a Matt white property with carpets throughout the whole property work for a HMO? Will fancy floral paper work in toilet rooms work? i can only see the paper peeling and wearing or becoming outdated as quick as it was put up on the walls . Never mind hygienic.
  7. High walked areas should be hard wearing – easy clean flooring . Once cleaned is brand new, fresh, clean.
  8. En suites walls – cladding is good. Its easy cleaned from top to bottom and brand new again. Tiles can be good , but often the grout wears in time. – Wallpaper is not good at any time. Peeling , pee stained, outdated.
  9. Colour’s – go for up to date colour’s – nothing too outrageous to the eye. remember this is someones home and not a fashion project. The person has been working long shifts. They want to come home to tranquil space that’s not too much for the brain.
  10. Go for black out blinds – curtains on the windows- comfortable mattress- storage space. Useful furniture selling points that will give comfort. The customer will not need to look for new accommodation 6 months down the line when the latest decor is not welcoming any more.

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