HMO Services

Building up your team is the hardest part of the whole process and can take many years to establish.

I have established an awesome team who work with me now.  The team are very trustworthy and reliable; I am truly grateful for their customer service ethos.  All are brilliant problem solvers and get the job done.  I never have to constantly tell them what to do.

I can help you to build up a good team, I can provide knowledge on how to find the best contractors you can rely on, also how to spot the cowboys and sharks.  The handy tips to spot poor workmanship.

Your responsible for delivering a service. You’re right there on the front line for providing that service, but you can’t do everything yourself.  If your contractors or team are under performing or doing a bad job then who will get the bad feedback and all the stress?  No one else but you.

My Great Team

Fire safety officer– The fire safety officer is in control of all the fire alarm panels. He provides me with the certificates, deals with any faults.  Provides and maintains emergency lights and full fire alarm systems. He’s in charge of fire-fighting equipment and making sure it’s in good working order.  The fire safety officer is always updated on new and current legislation and keeps us all right. 

Electrician – The electrician knows his stuff in both electrics and fire safety.  From full re – wires, repairs.  He is the guy who manages the first fix, second fix and testing of all the electrics of properties undergoing refurbishment.  All HMO properties have fire systems, emergency lighting, smoke and heat sensors, internet cabling and USB charging sockets.  The electrician also looks after the PAT testing of appliances.  Also supplies Electric Car charging points and security systems when required. .

Gas engineer- The gas engineer is worth his weight in gold. He undertakes the gas safety tests and issues the relevant certificates for all the gas appliances.  His heat engineering expertise is invaluable as he supplies and installs the heating systems with sufficient capacity for the heating and hot water requirements of HMO properties.   He can update and extend existing systems where needed.  He is also awesome at fault finding and will repair a system whenever he can.  He is also a Legionnaires risk assessor.  Do not purchase a heating system until you have spoken to this guy.

Maintenance Manager- The maintenance manager looks after the maintenance and repairs. He can also project manage the full refurbishment of properties being converted into HMOs.  He covers all the repairs, large or small and can call upon a fantastic team of specialist contractors from kitchen fitters, roofers, joiners, plasterers, tilers etc.. .

Cleaning team- The current leaning team we have are brilliant. I have never needed to ask them to re- clean things they might have missed.  In the past I have had cleaners who failed to vacuum the edges of a room or move furniture around.  My team have been with me for several years and they are great. They carry out fortnightly cleaning keeping the properties in good shape and I can call upon them to undertake Deep Cleans when needed. They also act as my eyes and ears and will let me know if there is anything I need to know.

EPC- The EPC Assessor provides certificates for all our properties so we can provide details of the energy performance of the property to tenants. The certificates provide guidance so the property can be made more energy efficient and help keep the bills down. The EPC Assessor also provides us with floor plans which can be used for licensing.

Pest Control- With the rising number of pests in the cities, having a pest control specialist is essential.  We benefit by having an expert we can rely upon to take prompt action to control any pests and educate tenants on how to prevent infestations.  Working alongside a good pest control specialist helps keep our properties pest free

Carpet Supplier – We work with a brilliant carpet supplier who has a team of fitters. They can provide carpets, vinyls and laminate. From budget carpets, mid range to hard wearing flooring for long lasting HMOs

Furniture Supplier– We have a supplier who can source excellent deals with furniture for properties. HMO properties require good quality, hard wearing matching furnishings. From beds, desks, wardrobes and bedside cabinets

Appliances – We also have a supplier for appliances. These can be purchased at good rates. White goods, ovens, TVS

Window Cleaning Company – We have a local window cleaner who can clean external windows. Also can clean UPVC guttering and facias.

Carpet Cleaner- We have a specialist carpet cleaning company. I recommended this guy so much i nearly put the carpet supplier out of business. This guy is amazing at bringing new life into dirty heavy soiled carpets.